McGill Management, Inc.

September 24, 2018

My name is Deborah Nixon and I am the Community Association Manager for a condominium association, located in downtown Mount Prospect.
Condo Maintenance has been contracted by this association for janitorial as well as general maintenance needs. Condo Maintenance has a crew of skilled workers in a variety of fields. This company has helped to save money for this association by providing quality service at reasonable prices. Most importantly, Condo Maintenance has been great in their communication with management and we would definitely recommend that they be considered for any other association, Janitorial and/or General Maintenance needs.

Deborah Nixon
Community Association Manager


To Whom It Concern.

This letter or recommendation is relative to Mr. Andy Kwak owner of Condo Maintenance, Inc., who has been contracted to perform cleaning services with 8711 Bryn Mawr Place Building for abut four years. Additionally, he has also perform cleaning services wih the 8711 Bryn Mawr Place Building for about four years. additionally, he has also performed building repari work, as well as 24 hour emergency on site duties and owner/resident coordinating services. Prior to Mr. Kwak’s involvment with our building, we were experiencing incompetent cleaning and overpriced/poor workmanship with both our emergency and regular needed repairs. Upon Condo Maintenance’s cleaning contract and repair work, we noticed a very substential improvement in all areas of our entire building. Consequently , Condo Maintenance, Inc. has greatly improved our building, in both quality and quantity. This full-service company, which is familly owned business, has continually performed in such a manner to greatly benefit our specific needs and retain our building’s value. Specifically, many more areas of the building which were not addressed before, were cleaned and maintained with a much higher standard and professional type workmanship.

In addition to Andy’s quality cleaning services, we have utilized his excellent workmanship and extremely reasonable prices, relative to various emergency and needed repairs. Specifically, there has been instances where Andy has been called to 8711 Building at all hours, in order to handle emergency situations such as sink and/or builing pipe rodding, water main leaks, roof leak repairs, owner/resident inside inside leak inspection/repairs, coordinating last minute unscheduled moves/deliveries as well as other problems that arise. We have also hired Andy, at very reasonable costs, to perform regular repair work and tasks such as substantial painting and decorating jobs. These are in addition to coordinating with our Property Manager and Board President, oeners and/or residents, as well as building contractors, workers, etc.
Andy Kwak is a very hard working, honest and dedicated person, who takes much pride in his work and his company. Since it is very difficult to find a tradesman of his caliber, to perform our much needed duties the 8711 Bryn Mawr Place building is very lucky to have Mr. Andy Kwak working for us on regular basis. I would highly recommend him to any building and/or person who needs any quality work done at very reasonable cost.

Gary P. Santella. President
8711 BMP Board of Directors